The arrival of a new baby changes many people's lives. All of you will be learning to look at yourselves and one another in new ways. It takes time, patience, and love for a new family to settle comfortably into a new life together.


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a. Fathers

New fathers often feel neglected. During the pregnancy, everyone asked about the mother. Now everyone is interested in the baby. Where does the father fit in?

The new fathers are also tired; you have new responsibilities and worries. You are expected to do things you don't remember your own father doing like changing diapers, doing laundry, and getting up at night. In addition, you are still supposed to go to work and earn a living.

You are not alone. Most new fathers go through a time of confusion and adjustment. It is not easy, but it is normal. The following advice could help.

b. Brothers and Sisters

The arrival of a new baby is very exciting for most children, but it can also bring some mixed feelings.

If you want suggestions to help your children get used to the new baby click on the following link.

Prepare Your Children for the Arrival of a New Baby.

Make Changes and Plans Ahead of Time.

Give Children Time to Get Used to the New Baby.

c. Grandparents

Just as you are learning to become parents, your parents are learning to become grandparents. Your parents are working out a style of grandparenting that feels right for them.

Some new parents are delighted to receive help and advice from grandparents. Others find being around grandparents stressful. Remember that this is your baby. You have to parent in your own way. This may be different from the way your parents raised you, and it may be difficult for your parents to accept this.

Talking about your feelings is the best way to get along with each other.