2. Whole Grain Foods

Choose whole grain foods

One quarter of your healthy meal should be whole grains.

Whole grain products such as wheat, oats, barley, and rye are healthy choices because they are high in fibre.
Enriched products are good because certain vitamins and minerals that are lost during transformation have been

Look for the words “whole grain” or “whole wheat” on the ingredient list.

Some grain foods like breads and muffins, crackers and pasta dishes can have a lot of added sodium, sugars or
saturated fats.

Try whole grain cereals, crackers or pita bread with snacks.

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Test Your Knowledge

  Why is it important to eat whole grain foods? The following exercise will help you to discover their importance.
Select and slide each term to its proper place.
Vitamin B
  Nutrient Functions  
    Gives energy and help transform fat into energy.  
    Helps your body transform food into energy. Helps keep your eyes, skin, nervous system and appetite healthy. It is also important for growth and development.  
    Your baby stores his or her own reserves which will last for the first four to six months of his or her life. Necessary for your blood to be healthy.  
    Helps your bowels to function well. Necessary for health in general.