q. Groin Pain



Near the end of your pregnancy, you may feel an unpleasant gnawing or stretching sensation in your groin or lower abdomen. This sensation is caused by the weight of the uterus which is stretching the ligaments that hold it in place. You may feel this pain when exercising, coughing or sneezing. It is unpleasant but not serious. Remain active even if you feel this pain.

What can I do?

  • Stand straight. A poor posture can cause or aggravate this pain.
  • Do not stand for long periods.
  • If this pain occurs while exercising try to see what is causing the pain and avoid this movement.

If you have pain in the groin:

  • Rub the painful spot lightly using circular motions. Use slight pressure with downward movements.
  • To stop a sudden pain, lean against an object for support and use your two hands to raise your belly. This will relieve the pressure. Keep this position until the pain disappears.
  • Lie on your painful side and bend your knees towards your belly. This position reduces the pressure on the ligaments and can give quick relief.
  • Try the pelvic tilt exercise on your hands and knees.

If nothing works?

  • Talk with your health care provider if this situation is painful and occurs frequently.