1. Expression of Milk


During the first weeks you may have to express milk if:

  • your breasts are too hard for the baby to latch.
  • you want to feed your baby with breast milk when you are apart.
  • you need to increase your milk production.

This is how to express milk manually.

Most mothers do not need a breast pump. If you do need a breast pump, there are a variety of pumps available for rent or purchase from lactation consultants, hospitals, medical supply outlets, drug stores and some children's stores. Lactation consultants provide instructions and support for the pumps they supply. You can consult a public health nurse at 613-580-6744, a Lactation Consultant, La Leche League, a nurse or midwife about which pump is best for you. The type of pump you select depends on what you intend using it for.

No matter which type of pump you select, you must always follow the instructions that come with the pump.


Here are a few tips if you are planning on purchasing a breast pump.