e. When Something Goes Wrong with Your Baby


In most cases, babies are born healthy. However, even with all the medical progress, a baby may be born with an illness or abnormality. Very rarely, a baby may die after birth.

When something like this happens, the families are devastated. Many mothers feel guilty and blame themselves. Certain mothers fear that they have done something to cause the abnormality or death of their baby even though this is rarely the case.

Parents who have a baby born with an abnormality or severe illness suffer a deep bereavement. They are in mourning of the child with whom they had hoped to share a normal life.

The loss is even more intense when the baby dies. This loss is hard to accept and it leaves the parents feeling profound sadness, shock, disbelief and anger. Mourning is essential to healing. It is through mourning that parents eventually get over this terrible loss. They need all the support they can get. No matter what your feelings are, do not hesitate to share them. Ask for help and accept the help offered to get through this difficult time.