e. Crying


All babies cry and many babies cry a lot. They cry because it is the only way they have to let you know that they need something.

When your baby cries, try to find out why. With time, you will recognize your baby's different cries and know what to do.

Babies cry because they need food, love, attention, or cuddling. When you respond to crying, you are helping your baby learn that help and love come when needed. A baby whose needs are met will feel safe, secure, and loved, not spoiled.

The following table will help you identify the reasons why your baby cries and what to do.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your baby will continue to cry. This can be very frustrating.

Babies are very easily hurt if they are handled rougly or shaken. Shaking your baby can cause death or permanent brain damage. Make sure that everyone who handles your baby knows about ''Shaken Baby Syndrome''.



It is easy to say ''stay calm'', but this can be very difficult to do. If you feel your temper rising and are afraid that you might hurt your baby, you should:

  • Put your baby safely in his/her crib and leave the room.
  • Do something to let off stream. Run, jumb, scream or hit a pillow.
  • Call for help. Call a friend, a family member or help line. Sometimes just talking to another adult can help you feel better.