Life with a newborn

What to do? How?
Read and inquire about how to care for a newborn.

The module entitled ''Healthy Family'' has information on this topic and advice for the new father on how to take care of himself. While your partner is in the hospital, learn togeher how to bathe, dress, and change the diapers. Practice picking up and holding the baby before coming home. The more you know about what is normal for a newborn, the less you will worry.

Try to balance work and family. Try to take a few days off, if possible, to greet the new baby. Learning to take care of a newborn is not an easy task. You and your partner will have to support and help each other while you get acquainted with your baby and also share the housework. Your partner will need more help while she is recuperating from the delivery.
Be positive. Even though babies are a lot of responsibility, they are also a source of grace and joy. Being a father can make you feel proud and give you specific goal in life. Your life is really going to change. If you have love and affection, this change is good.
Listen. Take the time to listen to your partner. Good communication is more important now than ever.
Talk with other fathers. Discuss what you are going through with other fathers. You may be surprised to see how your reactions and feelings are similar. It will make you feel good to share with people that are going through the same thing you are.
Learn massage techniques for babies.

A massage allows a soft and warm contact between the parent and the baby. The technique is easy to learn and it can diminish the parent's stress while it teaches the baby to relax.

Rub your hands with warm vegetable oil. As you rub the baby gently, watch its reactions to find out what the baby prefers and what is most satisfying. A massage usually lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, but the most important thing is that you relax so you both can enjoy the experience.

Remember that you are the father. Don't forget that the baby needs both of you. In good or bad times, you are both members of the newborn's team.