Different types of violence

Types of violence Examples
Psychological violence
  • You humiliate her by using words such as ''silly'', ''stupid'', ''good for nothing'', etc.
  • Your swear at her.
  • You show jealousy.
  • You prevent her from seeing her friend and/or family.
  • You prevent her from working outside the home or participating in activities.
  • You have a violent behaviour (ex.:. break things, bang on the walls or on objects) or you threaten her in order to scare her.
Physical violence
  • You push her, pinch her, squeeze her arms, throw her to the floor, hit her, or inflict bodily harm.
Sexual violence
  • You insult her about her sexuality ''not good in bed'', ''not sexually attractive'', etc.
  • You say hurtful comments about her body ''fat'', ''skinny'', ''ugly'', etc.
  • You force her to perform sexual acts she does not want.