A prenatal on-line program for the mom to be, her partner and her family


Welcome to the prenatal program A New prenatal life New-Brunswick .

A New Prenatal Life is a program that includes eight learning modules intended for the mother to be, her partner and her family. This program proposes an original and innovative way to obtain information about physical and emotional transformations that occur during pregnancy, childbirth and the baby's first few weeks of life.

We invite you to visit the 8 modules by following the steps presented. Each module provides information accompanying you at the beginning of the pregnancy until delivery and will give you some tips when you return home to the module "Healthy Family".

The connection to the site is optionnal and will give you additional tools, among other 
  • research, 
  • printing sheets, 
  • the last page read (to help you pick up where you left on your last visit).

We hope you enjoy the activities and your experience on this site in general.

New-Brunswick A New prenatal life team. 

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