Name Purpose

This test verifies your blood's ability to absorb the proper amount of iron and oxygen.

Blood group & antibody screening This test determines your blood type and your RH factor (rhesusO) and it also detects irregular antibodies in your blood.
Rubella titer This blood test verifies if you are immunized against rebella (German measles).
Hepatitis B surface antigen This blood test indicates if you have come in contact with the hepatitis B virus.
VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboraty) test This blood test reveals if you have been in contact with syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection.
Urine test This test is used to verify the quantity of sugar and protein in your urine. It also detect any urine infection.
Papanicolaou or Pap test This test is done to detect cevical cancer or infection.
Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) This blood test verifies the presence of the HIV virus which is responsible for AIDS.