b. Violence Against Women


Violence against women often begins during the first pregnancy. All forms of violence can be harmful and must be taken seriously.

There are different types of violence. The following table will help you recognize the different types.

A woman victim of violence can feel anxious, depressed, have little self-esteem, take drugs and alcohol, have difficulty sleeping and lose her appetite.

Physical aggressions during pregnancy can cause serious injuries to the mother and bring about a premature birth or a low birth weight baby. The baby could also have broken bones or a hemorrhage. Certain mothers have lost their babies following physical violence.

If you are a victim of violence during your pregnancy, you probably feel alone. You need help immediately.

Nobody deserves to be treated badly, certainly not your baby. Talk to someone about your feelings and concerns. This person may be your health care provider, a public health nurse, a member of the clergy, or anybody you trust can help you.