f. Infant Feeding Cues:


Babies should be fed when they cue or indicate hunger. Crying is a late cue or indicator of hunger. Breastfeeding is much easier for both mother and baby if you are able to pick up on baby's early hunger cues.

Sample video from "Breastfeeding : Bringing baby to the breast" from http://www.videoallaitement.org/english.html

Common infant hunger cues include:


  • Increased alertness, moving during sleep or having REM sleep
  • Smacking or licking lips
  • Opening and closing mouth
  • Sucking on lips, tongue, hands, fingers, toes, toys, or clothing.


  • Rooting around on the chest of whoever is carrying him
  • Trying to position for nursing, either by lying back or pulling on your clothes
  • Fidgeting or squirming around a lot
  • Hitting you on the arm or chest repeatedly
  • Fussing or breathing fast


  • Moving head frantically from side to side
  • Crying