Easy Tricks to Add more Iron

  • Add dried fruit, like apricots, dates, and raisins to your snacks.
  • Add dried fruit to cereals, applesauce, salads, muffins, sweet breads, and cookies.
  • Mix prune juice with other juices to improve its taste. Prune juice is a good source of iron.
  • Add dried peas, beans, and lentils - homemade or canned - to your meals because they are good sources of iron. Dishes like baked beans, chili con came, split pea soup and lentil soup are delicious, popular, and good sources of iron.
  • If you make homemade soup, try adding a can of kidney beans or chickpeas for extra iron.
  • Switch from white bread to whole grain bread.
  • Add oatmeal to meat loafes and meatballs.
  • Use brain flakes in recipes that call for corn flakes.
  • Add wheat germ to meat loafes, hamburgers, muffins, breads, and cookies.
  • Top your salads and cereals with wheat germ.
  • Wheat gem can be used as a crunchy topping on casseroles and fruit crisps.
  • Wait at least one hour after meals before having coffee or tea. When you drkink coffee or tea, the body has more difficult time using the iron.