e. The Baby's Cries


It is normal for a baby to cry. Crying is the only way a baby can let you know when something is wrong. Loneliness, the need for a diaper change, or to be cuddled can make a baby cry. A baby will cry if he or she is sick, uncomfortable, or if he or she feels alone. Babies may also cry because they are hungry, however, crying is a late sign of hunger. An infant crying from hunger may be too upset to settle down to feed. It is important you get to know your baby's early feeding cues. Please refer to module 4 for more information on infant feeding cues.

Most babies have a fussy period every day, and it is more difficult to comfort them during this time. A six-week old baby cries an average of two to three hours per day. Certain babies cry because they are colicky. They may cry day and night. The crying becomes unbearable, and the parents often become frustrated and angry. You may feel tired, alone, incompetent, disappointed, or desperate.