n. Cramps in the Feet and Calves



Cramps in the feet and calves are more frequent during the last three months of pregnancy. They can be caused by the pressure of the uterus on the blood vessels that descend into the legs. Pointing your toes while stretching can cause cramps.

What can I do?

  • Remain active. Exercise stimulates blood circulation in the legs.
  • Be careful not to point your toes while stretching especially when you get up in the morning.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Avoid standing for long periods.
  • Wrap ice in a damp towel and place it on the painful muscles. Leave it for 10 to 12 minutes to relax the muscles.
  • If you have a cramp, do not rub or tighten the muscle. The blood vessels are delicate and applying pressure may aggravate the cramp. It is better to stretch gently.

To alleviate cramps in the feet.

To alleviate cramps in the calf

If nothing works?

  • Talk with your health care provider if you often have painful cramps.