t. Allergies and Sinus Congestion



Certain pregnant women notice they are congested or suffer from allergies even though they did not have this condition prior to the pregnancy. It is caused by increased blood flow to the nasal area which causes swelling, dryness, and occasional bleeding.

What can I do?

  • Apply petroleum jelly (ex: VaselineTM) to the nasal area to alleviate the dryness and prevent bleeding.
  • Place a hot damp towel on your face.
  • Breathe the vapours from a vapourizer or from a hot shower.
  • Avoid smoke.
  • Drink liquids like milk, water, and juice.
  • Try saline solution drops in your nose.
  • Do not use antihistamines (medication against allergies) without talking to your health care provider.
  • Tell your health care provider if your nose bleeds frequently.
  • Massage your sinus as follows.